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Exhibit Design & Museum-Related Projects: Braille Institute of Los Angeles

Centennial Exhibit

Located in the Vista Store

Opened June 2019
Developed with Roth Projects, this small exhibit space celebrates the history of one of the largest non-profits in America. The BIA serves both the blind and visually impaired, providing programs, seminars and one-on-one instruction focused on helping patrons achieve independence. Funded almost entirely by private donations, all of the Institute's services are provided completely free of charge. The organization has five regional centers as well as outreach programs at more than 200 locations throughout Southern California.

Densely packed with artifacts and vintage photographs from their 100-year history, the gallery celebrates the organization's achievements, its patrons and legacy.


All images are © Braille Institute, 2019

From the store entrance, you are greeted by the BIA's founding father, Robert Atkinson.

The exhibit is organized as a timeline from 1910s–2010s

Braille labels and object information are consistently displayed on the ledge surrounding the exhibit

Each decade is punctuated with artifacts, including archival images and touchable three-dimensional objects

Accessibility is paramount, with lots of tactile displays and braille information, as well as a full audio tour of the space

Bespoke viewfinders illustrate different visual impairments

Tactile portraits are included in key areas in the exhibit

Tactile portraits are displayed on angled wedges around the gallery

A behemoth stereo brailler is displayed near the end of the exhibit, along with a map of the various BIA locations in Southern California, and the varieties of courses they offer

Visitors are encouraged to leave their comments at the exit on a magnetic wall. They can also try their hand at using a brailler!

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