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Exhibit Design & Museum-Related Projects: Natural History Museum, LA

Scanning Electron Microscope Lab (SEM)

Permanent Installation


The problem - how to open a previously private space and invite the public to experience and understand the various science behind-the-scenes? We developed this interactive, bilingual exhibit space in a corridor near the Mineral Hall, where visitors can experience firsthand the science behind SEM, Gems & Minerals. Large murals, educational flip bubbles, and colorful labels explain the complex process of microscopy. Scientists at work are visible through large windows in the exhibit space. There are hidden worlds all around us, too small to see with our own eyes!


All images are © Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, 2022


The title wall near the Mineral Sciences lab invites visitors to take a peek behind-the-scenes


Long labels describe what tools the scientists are using


An SEM image of a crystal is enlarged for an photo opp


Dense with information in English and Spanish, many different types of microscopy are examined and compared


Bubbles highlight key information and fun facts


The main didactic wall in the corridor is more than 30 feet long! The blue zone focuses on SEM.


Some of the fun facts are truly mind-boggling!


A progressive view of a fly under SEM


Flip bubbles allow the visitor to guess what the image is under SEM


Scientists are highlighted, along with how they use SEM in their daily work


A large polychaete worm under SEM is another photo opp


The SEM lab window with interior descriptive video and adjacent label noting all of the various tools within the lab.


Such a fun exhibit to work on!

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