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Logo Design

& Branding

For US HUPO, or the Human Proteome Conference, they were focused on the hope that they would be able to convene in Chicago and wanted to capture the spirit of the city.


They knew an in-person meeting was unlikely due to COVID-19 concerns, but they wanted to explore some Chicago icons to incorporate into their conference logo anyway. The winner was the Cloud Gate, Sir Anish Kapoor's highly reflective tourist attraction in the heart of Chicago. I captured the essence of this icon with a simple line-drawing. Other explorations included the famous Chicago Theatre and the city's skyline.

The final logo was inspired by Anish Kapoor's famous Cloud Gate; a Chicago landmark.

This rejected idea riffed on the marquee of the famous Chicago Theatre.

This rejected idea borrowed from Chicago's iconic skyline.

All images © IHW & Conference Solutions

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