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Logo Design

& Branding

For Gold Metropolitan Media, not only am I a freelance Art Director, but I also developed their new identity.


The new brand highlights the company's main focus: street pole banners. GMM produces the majority of pole banners for cultural and art institutions in Southern California. The new brand elevates these innocuous banners to star status. Check out their website at:


The Gold logo before did not express all that the company had hoped for. It was difficult to tell what the company was about.


The new logo communicates clearly that Gold Metropolitan Media's main focus is street pole banners. The new icon elevates these familiar LA sights to star status.


A horizontal version of the logo was also supplied.


The company's business cards are double-sided, to take full advantage of the new identity. A bold color palette ties it all together.


Exterior signage on the Van Nuys offices highlight the new identity.


Exterior signage on the Van Nuys offices highlight the new identity.


In addition to their banner work, GMM has created Upcycling: a company that repurposes vinyl banners as tote bags. The logo was created to relate to the GMM logo both in color, texture and font.


Tag for each vinyl bag

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