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How can it be September already?!?


It's been six months since the stay-at-home order was initiated due to COVID-19. During that time, we've learned to live in a new "normal" - only going outside for short stints to the market or brief outdoor visits with friends. Masks are commonplace. Restaurants have opened, shut down, and reopened again with outdoor dining. Schools are back in session remotely, thankfully with more systems in place to ensure students receive some face time with teachers. Museums remain shuttered, although work continues behind the scenes to anxiously prepare for our visitors again. Designers are exploring creative solutions for adopting COVID protocols. Life goes on in spite of the worries we all carry for our families, friends and loved ones.

2021 looms with hope - hope for a vaccine; hope for a healthier economy, and hope for a return to normalcy. Stay well, and stay positive!


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Just prior to the statewide closure, The Huntington Library, Art Museum & Botanical Gardens, installed Lifelines/Timelines: Exploring the Huntington's Collections Through Bonsai, which showcases 5 beautiful specimens around the Huntington's site, and links them to significant objects in the Huntington's various collections. Thankfully we were able to "reboot" this installation, and it will reopen to the public on October 17, 2020.


In September we began to install Made in LA in concert with the Hammer Museum. It is a monumental undertaking! We hope to open to the public later in September, but that all depends on the governor's orders and the COVID situation...

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I'm excited to announce I've signed on with a new client, Norton Simon Museum in my hometown of Pasadena! Having been to this museum since I was a kid, I'm excited to help them with the 3D design elements of their upcoming exhibition Alternate Realities. The exhibition was delayed from its original opening date. Now it will be on view in October 2021.

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