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Exhibit Design & Museum-Related Projects

For the Natural Resources Defense Council, I worked with colleague Tim McNeil to create a space focused on environmental issues. Called The David Family Environmental Action Center, the gallery is located at the NRDC offices in Santa Monica. It was designed with green building in mind and received a Platinum LEED certification upon opening in 2004. This educational space gives the visitor quick information that will cause them to take action by signing up and donating to the cause. I was responsible for environmental graphics, as well as managing all image assets.


For more information on the creation of the David Family Center, go to:


All images are © NRDC


Interactive display with LED Screen


Interactive pylon that invites visitors to answer key questions related to the environment.


Once the visitor has an answer, he slides the graphic out to see if he is correct.


Detail of a panel from Crisis in the Oceans display


Banners throughout the space addressed different environmental building considerations


A timeline serpentined through the space overhead


Each environmental display was meant to engage the visitor, either by walking through it, performing a task or watching a video.


Walk through experiences were semi-transparent, often decorated with visceral imagery for an emotional response.


Even the carpet was an opportunity to tell an environmental story!

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