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Exhibit Design & Museum-Related Projects

The Payson Library at Pepperdine underwent a massive redesign in 2017, which gave them the opportunity to add some fanfare to the Special Collections area and a temporary exhibition space. Working with Roth Projects, we created an opening exhibition celebrating one of their most distinguished ambassadors - Pat Boone. A small gallery highlighting his life and career met visitors as they arrived upstairs.


All images are © 2017, Pepperdine University, Payson Library


The entry corridor into the Special Collections area highlights some of their unique offerings


Title Wall for the temporary exhibition: Pat Boone: Celebrating America's Favorite "Un-Rock" Star


Center stage in the gallery was a 1950's-era living room set, complete with television broadcasting Boone's Chevy Show.


Archival images and artefacts from Boone's life and career adorned the walls, along with life size reproductions of the celebrity


A combination of photos, books, costumes and albums adorned walls and cases throughout the gallery.


Textiles and fonts reminiscent of the 1950's-60's enlivened text panels

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