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Exhibit Design & Museum-Related Projects

For the corporate offices of Ventura Foods in Brea, California, I was asked initially to consult on a redesign of their gallery space, and eventually lead the team in the installation of that space. Ventura Foods is a dynamic supplier of sauces and dressings for the restaurant industry, and yearly celebrates their accomplishments in a competition called 'Menu Masters'. For each competition, a unique artwork is commissioned, which is then featured on the invitations and ephemera for that year. The gallery is an ecclectic space meant to show the dedication Ventura Foods has for their products, as well as their long-standing history in the restaurant supply industry. The gallery will be ever-changing with  yearly updates, so the design reflects this flexibility. Text panels, labels and year markers can be easily moved and reapplied.


See PDFs of the original bid and graphics package for more information about this project.


All images are © Ventura Foods


View from the lobby to the exhibit space


The title wall is very welcoming, with a wonderful, larger-than-life image of a chef at work. An adjacent panel explains the gallery's intent.


Each wall has an associated date marker, that wraps the corners. The swash paint treatment is meant to enliven the neutral space and give the illusion of flow.


Text panels were kept to a minimum. Elegant, off-the-shelf acrylic panels with stainless steel stand-offs have a simple and un-intrusive style.


Each year has colorful framed artworks representative of that year's theme.


The long view to the back of the gallery, highlighted by a bright and colorful Guy Buffet artwork. The date markers also give the visitor a clear idea of what's coming next.


Artworks are meant to be closely inspected, so the fairly narrow gallery spaces work. The final layout was designed by the architects at Environetics, Inc.


Each wall has a unique salon-style hang.


For MenuMasters, we created a dynamic grid of pictures that can be added to easily in coming years.


Awards are showcased in niches surrounding the gallery.

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